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Authorised Safari Armax Dealer

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I am pleased to announce that Bluegum Mechanical is now an authorised Safari Armax dealer and qualified to fit a range of four-wheel drive accessories including Safari Armax engine control units, snorkles and clutch kits.

Whether you venture into the high country for the week-end or are about to embark on the trip of a lifetime exploring the continent, be confident your vehicle is ready for the challenging conditions you can expect in remote Australia.

Call me on 02 98294499. If I can't take your call right now please leave a message and I will call you back.

Vyasa Schiemer
Bluegum Mechanical

Safari Armax

on the road or off the beaten track

Safari Armax accessories make it possible for a range of diesel and other 4-wheel drive vehicles to operate more efficiently, effectively and reliably under extreme conditions. The Safari Armax design ecosystem has three important accessories. They include:

  • Safari Armax engine control unit (or ECU)
  • Safari Armax Snorkel
  • Safari Armax Heavy Duty Clutch

  • These accessories are designed and manufactured in Australia by Safari 4x4 Engineering and engineered for the harshest environments. They are ideal for long-distance road travellers and workers who regularly operate vehicles in off-road conditions.

    Safari Armax

    The Safari Armax ECU is designed to manage power, extend engine life and make your vehicle more fuel efficient. The engine control unit monitors exhaust gas temperature while your vehicle is operating under load and can take remedial action necessary to prevent overheating that causes expensive engine damage.

    Safari Armax Engine Control Unit as described on the safari4x4 website

    Safari Armax

    The Safari Armax snorkel provides dry, clean airflow needed for the engine to function. This is vital in conditions where your engine must not to fail, such as driving through flood water. The snorkel's air intake is positioned close to the roof of your vehicle well clear of any water or dust that may lie on the road ahead.

    Safari Armax Snorkel as described on the safari4x4 website

    Safari Armax

    The Safari heavy duty clutch is designed to handle extra power and torque that the Safari Armax ECU delivers. Safari Armax designed this to replace any conventional clutch that is not rated to handle extra power and torque gained through intelligent engine control so you will get the full benefit of improved engine performance.

    Safari Armax Snorkel as described on the safari4x4 website