Engine Protection, Diagnosis & Repair

Engine Protection

protecting an investment

Bluegum Mechanical takes pride in improving the performance and reliability of the customer's vehicle. As an authorised installer of Safari Armax accessories I am trained to install Safari Armax Engine Control Units, Snorkels and Clutches which Safari 4x4 Engineering has customised and tailored to suit many popular makes and models of 4-wheel and diesel vehicle. Check out the current makes and models on the link below.

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SAFARI Products for 11 brands, 61 different models

If you find Safari Armax accessories customised for your vehicle and you need to know more before you decide to install them, then call me on 02 98294499. If I can't take your call right now please leave a message and I will call you back.

Vyasa Schiemer
Bluegum Mechanical

Log Book Service

Bluegum Mechanical log book service is a worthwhile investment whether you are a private vehicle owner operating on a tight budget or manage a fleet of vehicles on the front line of your business operation. Regular maintenance helps you extend the life of a vehicle and avoids costly breakdowns by identifying a problem before it occurs. This is the most effective and least expensive way for you to keep the cost of running a vehicle under your control. Analysis shows costs* are higher for Sydney motorists than elsewhere in Australia.

Diagnosis & Repair

Loyal customers will know that problems are diagnosed effectively at Bluegum Mechanical and that parts are replaced only when faulty and only with quality genuine spares that match manufacturer specifications. Whether you own a petrol, diesel, four wheel drive or hybrid electric vehicle problems will be explained so that you always get to choose the option that will give you the best value for money.

Bluegum Mechanical offers diagnostic expertise and repair in the following areas:

  • brakes
  • clutch
  • radiator
  • fuel injection
  • steering & suspension

  • Ask about other services you require.